Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rise Sister Rise

In this heart-opening interview, intuitive guide and spiritual mentor Rebecca
Campbell shares her experience of the feminine that is rising within us all, calling us to be wilder and freer and to allow our intuition, innate knowing, and power to take center stage. Rebecca explores why so many of us are afraid of expressing our love of spirituality, and the reasons behind the deep fear of persecution that many of us carry, which stops us from living our true purpose. She guides listeners to see beyond the limiting range of female archetypes that are currently presented, and to take back their own power to decide who they are and what is right for them—rather than fitting into someone else’s idea of how we should be. Rebecca also explores how we can honor our bodies as much as we honor our spirits, how the flow of energy can become blocked in our body—and the ways we can get it flowing again. She includes a soothing, healing meditation to fill you up, nurture you, and support you so that your wishes can come forth.