Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Five Easy Steps to Attract More Happiness and Freedom into Your Life

Suzanne Adams, motivational speaker and life purpose consultant, is the author
of Musings of an Earth Angel, which she refers to as “a self-help book hidden in a young adult trilogy.” In this adventurous interview, Suzanne discusses her intention in writing the trilogy, which follows a young woman’s journey to find her true purpose. Suzanne reveals her five-step process to bring more joy to your life and find your life purpose. “Every single person on the planet has a very unique and very specific life purpose, and the main way to really be happy and fulfilled is to align yourself with that purpose,” she explains. Suzanne talks about the importance of learning to love yourself, how to flip negativity into positivity, and how to connect with a greater power. She shares her personal prayer for connecting with divine guides and teaches listeners how to play “the manifesting game.” She also guides listeners through a dreamlike meditation to help them tap into their true power.