Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Very Important Something You Need to Do

There is something very important you need to do as soon as possible, and that any adult
you care about needs to do, too. The older you and they are, the more important it is.
That something important is to start recording the key stories from your life.
And to encourage whatever other adults you care about that come to mind to do the same.
Because I know I’d break down into tears of joy now to discover even a little more about my father… what his childhood was like, details of what he did during the war, his deepest beliefs about love… anything.
Because I’m sure you can think of one or more people you feel the same about in your life.
Because the end result of recording pieces of your life story, or your entire life story -- and encouraging others adults you care about to do the same -- is really the ULTIMATE gift you can give to family now and in future generations.