Monday, November 28, 2016

Advanced Novel Writing

NameKrista Rea
The focus of this course is on writing and revising your novel. You'll get feedback from your
instructor, author Mark Spencer, as well as other class members who choose to participate in the peer critique section of the class.
. You won't have weekly reading assignments or lectures. Instead, you'll get to focus solely on completing your novel. Learn from a published author who knows how to instruct others.
"The Advanced Novel class, as I see it, is for writers who have advanced skills and have done a good bit of work on a novel already. The class provides a context for correcting flaws in overall structure, adding depth to the characters, evoking setting more effectively, and polishing prose style."

  ~ Mark Spencer
One student said, "As far as Mark Spencer goes--you could not get anyone better in my opinion. He was liberal in his praise and his critiques." In this course, you'll also learn specific tips for outlining. By the end of this workshop you will have the tools and know-how to write a great novel. Many students like to take this course more than once!