Sunday, November 27, 2016

How To Sell More Books On Autopilot Without Constant Marketing And Promotion

In Derek's free training you'll learn:
  • List building shortcuts including how he built a list of over 500 new email subscribers in a couple days for less than $200
  • The most powerful form of auto-pilot book promotion to sell full priced books consistently – this has led to over $3,505 in EXTRA book sales in less than 8 weeks!
  • Why trying to sell books directly to readers is a time waster, and how to get 10x the sales doing something else
  • Practical resources to outsource your work even if you’re on an extremely limited budget
  • How to stand out in extremely competitive market places so you can go to where the BIG money iswithout getting buried in the competition
  • How to get reviews and build your audience even if you’re starting completely from scratch with no following