Thursday, November 10, 2016

Discover the Simple Guidance System that Will Free You from Struggle and Fulfill Your Desires

A flower doesn’t try to blossom. It just does. A lion doesn’t check three extra things off
its to-do list before it hunts. It just hunts.
But we humans are so conditioned to think anything worth having has to be hard-earned that we’ve actually become uneasy with ease.
We’ve forgotten that in our natural state of being – when we’re not pushing, forcing, and trying so hard to have a good life – we already have a built-in compass that makes getting what we want in life easy.
It’s a simple, in-the-moment guidance system that says, “Psssst. Look closely at this opportunity because it’s in harmony with who you are and what you want.”
If you feel disconnected from your inner compass, or you’re struggling, or you feel stuck on a path that isn’t leading you to greater abundance, health, and love, you’re in exactly the right place.