Saturday, November 19, 2016

John Wooden - the Fireside Chat

From “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” statement in FDR’s very first speech as
president to the “doubts of today” quote above (part of one of the last speeches he wrote), he focused in on solving the self-doubt and fear all of us face when we stare down the valley of life and into the unknown.

FDR know that lofty goals can propel life forward, but they can also be an incredible source of anxiety. He understood just a few of the facts of goal setting…

  • Staying motivated when you know there is a possibility your goals will never come true is a fact we all face 
  • The difficulty you have putting forward your best effort each and every day when you know the future is not final is a solvable reality of life…
  • Realizing your true potential in a world filled with complexity and uncertainty is an incredibly difficult  task...
  • And although we all have a tendency to fear failure, second-guess our journey into the future, and question the path we take through life, there is a way to eliminate self-doubt…

To help people deal with their anxiety, fear, and self-doubt in the face of incredibly challenging obstacles, FDR held what he called “Fireside Chats.”

From 1933 to 1944, he went on the air live and discussed the goals he had for the country, addressed the fears Americans faced, and inspired millions with a motivational and uplifting message.

This Sunday, SUCCESS is embracing the spirit of the Fireside Chat and sitting down to discuss the goal accomplishment framework of another one of the 20th century’s master motivators: Coach John Wooden.