Monday, November 28, 2016

in-depth program for healing your relationship with money

  • Deeper awareness of your money story and how you got here 
  • Knowledge patterns, behaviors, and thought forms you and your energy have formed with the receipt of energy in the form of money 
  • Energy visualizations for clearing and releasing old money patterns 
  • Tools for how to reverse and create new patterns and stories surrounding your ability and willingness to receive money 
  • Reintegrated parts of your soul self that were once trapped in old patterns and cycles 
  • Tools for breaking down your own barriers and the barriers that other people place on you
  • Techniques for actionable manifestation and ways to take inspired action to attract money to you 
  • The ability to feel OKAY if you do hit some financial downturns
  • Motivation and empowerment from Spirit on how to break through, keep going and so much more!