Friday, November 11, 2016

Preparing for Pregnancy with PCOS

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What can you do to prepare for a healthy pregnancy? One of my favorite fertility experts, Dr.
Marc Sklar, is here to share his philosophy, protocols and wisdom. Every woman with PCOS needs to hear what he has to say about finding “your secret recipe,” of your personal combination of diet, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation needs in order to ovulate and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Listen as we discuss: 
How does your PCOS phenotype impact your treatment plan? 
Diet & lifestyle protocols for PCOS, especially to avoid gestational diabetes during pregnancy 
Suggested tests (including for thyroid and the Dutch test) and how to advocate for the right testing 
Why women who are under stress during their fertile window, have a forty percent less chance of conception 
Changes to make to avoid pharmaceuticals (Metformin)