Sunday, November 27, 2016

Claim Your Voice - Professional Public Speaking Skills

This 10-week training comes with 6 months of live classes (far more than you actually
need). That's in addition to very detailed instruction provided for you to do at your own pace, that will help you with:
  • Confidence (98% of my clients dramatically increase their comfort and confidence when speaking)
  • Vocal Power (diction, resonance, accent reduction, reducing vocal strain)
  • Crafting inspiring talks that enroll new clients
  • Presence (yes, you can enhance your presence)
  • Connecting deeply with your audience
  • Showing up authentically
  • Body language that looks and feels confident
  • Speaking skills for live talks, as well as webinars and podcasts
The training also contains deep personal transformation to help you find your own voice, and to be kinder to yourself in the process. In fact, it gives you EVERYTHING you need to become a strong speaker... including a wonderful community to learn and practice with.