Saturday, November 28, 2015

Emergineering Mastery with Derek Rydall

The Emergineering Mastery program is based on the Law of Emergence, and it will reveal
the secret of your real power, the ancient truth great teachers have always tried to explain. These are the principles that leaders in every field have utilized to create masterpieces, build empires, and ignite revolutionary forces that have propelled society forward.
Despite the profound importance and universal application of these principles, it has rarely been understood or easily repeated. Spiritual teacher Derek Rydall has created a program that enables you to master these universal princples and apply them to your own life.
The deepest part of yourself – that part that can never be hurt, that can never be diminished — is always abundant and powerful. Can you imagine the freedom in that? Be able to face any condition, any seeming obstacle, and know that you can not only overcome it – but be better on the other side.
These are the same principles that allowed Derek Rydall to double and triple his income year after year, create best-selling books, sell screenplays, build a thriving coaching business, travel the world, buy dream homes, and live a life and make an impact truly beyond his wildest dreams!
And these principles have helped his clients around the world do the same — transforming their lives, from bankruptcy to more business than they could handle; from feeling broken to launching a dream business; from being lost to making a living doing what they love.
Clients have manifested more money (a lot more), had profound inner breakthroughs, begun living their life’s purpose — and even found better parking spaces!