Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mind Games has visualizations for stepping into your power

  • Introduction — Jeanna explains how to use the visualizations for the most impact.
  • Today, I'm Unstoppable (4:25 min.) Get yourself in that manifesting zone. This visualization is for amping up your energy and stepping into your power. This will set up your day for success.
  • Make the Goal Real (5:06 min.) Tap into all of your senses and make your important goals more vivid.
  • Mansion of Inspiration (7:55 min.) Be transported into a magical mansion. There you will find the perfect inspired actions to take towards your desires. Solidify that you are indeed on the right track!
  • Dealing With Healing (10:27 min.) Get back in the drivers seat with your body. You have the ability to heal anything less than ideal with your health.
  • Feast Your Eyes on Abundance (4:46 min.) Jump into a river of abundance. There will be always more than enough wealth for you.
  • Action Retraction (6:38 min.) Get rid of that feeling that you have to do more in order to manifest your desires. Let go of trying to figure it all out.
  • Big Ticket Item (7:29 min.) Get in alignment with manifesting one of your goals that you perceive you can't afford.