Thursday, December 17, 2015


  • How to create a Unique Selling Proposition for your Business so yours is the clear choice of your customers or prospects... not only will we cover this critical topic, you'll receive a fill-in-the-blank template and discover the 18 key factors to consider when building YOUR USP!
  • The "8- Direct Response TRIGGERS" that you must know in order to DOUBLE or TRIPLE response in all of your marketing
  • How to CHOOSE The RIGHT MARKET for your Business so you can focus with laser-like precision, cut your waste to zero, and get MAXIMUM results from all of your marketing.
  • A deviously clever, yet so-so-simple 1-2-3 Step Letter Sequence FORMULA proven again and again to close the deal for ANY business in ANY market!
  • Fundamentals of Crafting a COMPELLING MESSAGE that will have your prospects whipping out their wallets to buy from YOU.
  • The 10 Money-Making Rule$ you'll learn to live by and LOVE!- as a GKIC Insider
  • You'll also be fully equipped for both online and offline marketing...and know how to integrate the two for maximum response. Ramp up your income with:
  • Radical SECRETS of using E-mail to build long term relationships with your customers that lead to predictable, lifetime revenues.
  • Why you can't just rely on 1-step marketing and exactly how to close the deal with a comprehensive, multi-step fully integrated approach!
  • How to 'map' out your business for long term success
  • Create "Free Money" out of lost opportunities. (You'll see how to build and tweak your funnels/processes so that you can create an immediate money...even if you don't have a product to sell.
  • The Single Most Valuable Time You'll Spend On Growing Your Business Each & Every Year
  • How to find the HIDDEN GOLDMINE in your own Customer List (there's a fortune to be made with just this bit of information alone).
  • The 3rd Easiest Customer to sell to (You can easily get them and probably don't even know it.) NOTE: You'll leave the BootCamp with an actual marketing campaign ready-to-send to sell to these customers.
GKIC's Fast Implementation Bootcamp is designed from square one to put those tools and that power into your hands when you walk out of the door after two very intensive days. You'll leave feeling energized and confident just like these former Fast Implementation Bootcamp attendees...
  • Paul Finney was a small business owner, constantly fighting fires and battling distractions that kept him from doing the hard work he knew he should be doing — Marketing his business. The bootcamp was the breakthrough! " I walked out of here with my homework assignment finished, a usable foundation of materials I just wrote and ready to implement! I've got lots more to do and plan to do it NOW! Massive!"
  • Carrie Weise: "I came because I was 'stuck' in marketing my new business. In my other business, I had been doing it so long I knew exactly who my ideal client was & how to market it effectively. But with the new one, I was at a loss. The bootcamp gave me a whole new perspective, helped me define my ideal client & gave me a complete marketing plan, and helped me realize that it is no different. The marketing is the same no matter the business!"