Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to Find and Keep a Literary Agent Boot Camp

How do you hook an agent right away, keep them hooked, and make the most of your new
publishing relationship? In this Boot Camp, "How to Find and Keep a Literary Agent," you'll learn how to get a literary agent's attention through a great submission, and also how to navigate the process of working successfully with an agent. You'll also work with an agent online to review and refine your all-important query letter and the first five pages of your novel.

This Boot Camp will cover a range of important questions: .

  • What keeps an agent reading? What makes writing jump off the page?
  • What are the most common Chapter 1 mistakes that make them stop reviewing your submission?
  • What are the steps you need to give your query and manuscript the best possible shot? 
  • What are the turn-ons and turn-offs when it comes to queries? 
  • How do agents make judgment calls? 
  • And much more.

With real-life examples of queries that do and don't work, you will learn how you can refine your own query letter and get an agent to request your novel.

The world of literary agencies can be an intimidating place. You'll be lead through the inner-workings of finding the perfect literary agent, working with an agent and how to get the most out of your relationship. See what a day in the life of an agent looks like, and get tips about how to find your perfect author-agent match that will result in a successful partnership.

The best part is that you'll be working directly with a knowledgeable and experienced agent, who will provide feedback specific to your work.