Thursday, December 3, 2015

Increase Income and Impact for You and Your Clients

  • Access a set of tools you can use to begin creating your own clients immediately. This will completely reinvent your practice in a way that feels entirely effortless and skyrocket your income
  • Overcome deeply-rooted fears of selling and sign clients you love while maintaining your integrity (without ever feeling needy, pushy or disliked when asking for the fees you’re worth)
  • Match your unique skills and talents with the clients you serve, which brings out your unique genius as a coach so your work can be a full expression of your unique talents
  • Develop a system that works for you for referrals and new clients, time after time, without wasting hours a week on “marketing” yourself
  • Master the art of communication so you can make bold, life-changing proposals
  • Move beyond the deep-seated beliefs that hold most coaches back from success for themselves and their clients to reach new levels of impact for yourself and your clients
  • Overcome – forever – the two levels of fear that coaches face to create a high-end coaching practice that gives you a level of income and freedom you desire
  • Move from people-pleasing to powerful service that is always in high demand
  • Develop a deep sense of inner confidence on your ability to create prosperity as a coach
  • Be a world-class coach with highly committed clients that are inspiring, creating a big impact, or ready to

  • http://www.evercoach.com/the-prosperous-coach/special