Wednesday, December 16, 2015

plan + run your first giveaway with ultimate ease and speed

  • Swipe files for ALL the emails you will be sending to your contributors AND subscribers.
  • A website blueprint that explains the purpose and layout of each and every page on your site (including the secret, behind-the-scenes ones) .
  • Website copy swipe files - this alone will save you HOURS of work and effort.
  • A video design tutorial to show you how to create a beautiful logo and graphics for your giveaway site - without spending a penny (unless you really want to).
  • Done-for-you graphics that you can use to clearly explain requirements to your contributors (no more back-and-forth headaches!)
  • A video tutorial showing you how to design marketing materials - beautifully and for free!
  • PLUS materials to help you plan and stay organized, know which tech tools to use, what to do WHEN, and so, so much more!