Saturday, December 12, 2015

Transform Your Relationship with Food

Here’s a taste of what we’ll be doing. This is by no means a complete look at the program – we
simply want to give you a sense of how things will unfold. We’ll cover a significant amount of material in this 8-week course:

Week #1 – Foundational Concepts for a New Relationship with Food

This powerful presentation will lay the all-important groundwork for breakthroughs to happen and for true change to take hold. A few highlights include:
  • How to work with and understand any health symptom
  • A new view of eating psychology
  • How to see your eating challenges in a whole new light
  • Understanding how our issues with food originate
  • Key principles to re-inventing your relationship with food

Week #2 – Harnessing the
Metabolic Power of the Brain

In this pivotal session we’ll take an in-depth look at the important ways that mind, brain, and emotions impact nutritional metabolism. Some highlights include:
  • Tools to access the metabolic power of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Increasing digestion, assimilation & calorie burning via emotion regulation
  • Letting go of toxic nutritional beliefs
  • A deeper understanding of emotional eating
  • How the brain impacts food addictions and attachments

Week #3 – Lessons from
Dynamic Eating Psychology

It’s time to re-invent how we view our eating issues, and the practical approaches we take to fix them. In this session we dive into exactly what results-based strategies look like when it comes to transforming your relationship with food:
  • Positioning yourself for breakthroughs with food and health
  • The 7 key domains of life that impact 

Week #4 – The Nutrigenomic

This session is a fascinating exploration into the leading edge of nutritional understanding. You’ll come away with doable strategies that can be metabolic game-changers. Some highlights include:
  • Simple yet powerful universal nutrition principles
  • A deeper understanding of what creates nutritional and metabolic health
  • Key dietary strategies for a greater sense of empowerment and energy
  • New insights from genetics, clinical nutrition and cutting edge research
  • Nutritional self-care made simple

Week #5 – The Psychobiology of Pleasure, Desire and Appetite

In this fascinating session you’ll come away with a fresh new perspective and powerful insights around managing appetite, hunger, and our inborn need for pleasure. Some highlights include:
  • A big-picture understanding of hunger and appetite
  • Effective tools for natural appetite regulation
  • Mind Body Nutrition techniques for overeating
  • Tapping into the hidden wisdom of binge eating
  • Using pleasure to fuel metabolism and enhance nutritional status

Week #6 – Nutritional
and Emotional Mastery

A detailed look at how our personal and metabolic worlds synergize to create health and vitality. This is a fascinating blend of science and psychology. Some highlights include:
  • Accessing the intelligence of the enteric nervous system – the brain in the belly
  • Harnessing the power of the gut-brain for empowering digestion
  • Enhancing energy with bio-circadian nutrition
  • The hidden connections between immunity, food and mind
  • Mastering your relationship with food

Week #7 – Food, Metabolism
and the Sacred

This is a time to focus on the deeper aspects of our relationship with food and how it’s impacted by the larger life lessons that we’re here to learn. Highlights include:
  • Finding the places that you hold back
  • Discovering your personal life lessons and their impact on health
  • How giving your unique gift is a powerful metabolic enhancer
  • Unleashing your authentic expression as a way to empower your relationship with food
  • The connection between food, health and spirituality

Week #8 – Creating a New
Nutritional Story

In our final session together we’ll integrate the lessons learned in this online retreat and chart a new course for a nourishing and inspired relationship with food. Some highlights include:
  • How our personal story impacts metabolism
  • Contacting your inner purpose around food and health
  • How to generate a long-range nutritional strategy that works
  • Managing obstacles into the future
  • Embracing greater levels of health, energy and freedom