Monday, May 16, 2016

4 Techniques That Instantly Activate Your Tantra Energy

Psalm Isadora
It doesn't matter if you're single and looking for the man or woman of your dreams...

Or you're in a romantic relationship and want go beyond the boundaries of intimacy...
Or you're married and want to reignite the passion you once felt during the honeymoon phase...
... This Masterclass is for you.
What is going to be covered?
  • Discover how to connect with your shakti energy (even if you’re a man) and experience more energy, more intimacy and more fearlessness in your life through simple practices of the ancient sages.
  • Break the pleasure barriers in your mind through the concept of sacred relationships and other concepts that not only unleash more passion and more drive in your life but also slows down aging.
  • Experience four mind-blowing techniques that will liberate your heart from the intimacy blocks holding you back so you automatically become more open to deeper and more authentic connections.
  • And much, much more.
Why should you attend (and why Tantra)?
There's a lot of misconception about what Tantra is all about. And it's definitely a lot more than the romanticized Kama Sutra we've all heard about.
What Tantra is, is a way of merging two souls with no goals to reach. (This is quite the opposite of the modern relationship model where there tends to be a subconscious outcome to achieve like climax or satisfaction.)
Tantra also considers the external reality to be a manifestation of your internal, and so a tantric relationship is as much a journey to your own soul as it is to the soul of your partner.
If you're ready to rediscover your natural state of deep intimacy, and you're excited about taking your relationship to a whole new level of bliss and ecstasy, then click the link below to confirm your spot.