Saturday, May 7, 2016

Listening to the Body, Aligning with the Seasons

In this down-to-earth, warm-hearted conversation, Ahlea Khadro speaks about the
importance of connection to your body, to nature, and to all that is. Ahlea is a holistic health intuitive and the co-author (with Louise Hay and Heather Dane) of Loving Yourself to Great Health. She describes the ways that connection is at the root of health, from autoimmune disorders to addiction. Discover the importance of shifting your rituals, diet, and activities with the seasons—including why New Year’s resolutions are often so hard to keep! Ahlea talks about the loving rituals she uses to start her day and finding time for spiritual practice and meditation even after becoming a parent. Learn a simple exercise to access the wisdom of your cravings—one of the strongest ways our bodies and the Universe speak to us—and download Ahlea’s PDF to find out what your cravings may mean!