Saturday, May 7, 2016

Live Without Fear and Fall in Radical Self-Love

If you really loved yourself, what would your life look like? Find out with author, teacher, and
speaker Gala Darling, who has been teaching radical self-love—a selection of powerful techniques and tools that help women transform their lives—for close to a decade. Gala explains what radical self-love is and how we incorporate it into our everyday lives. Having battled her own demons, including an eating disorder, Gala shares the advice she would have given her younger self, and why forgiveness, gratitude, and boundaries are life changing. Gala also provides a series of techniques, rituals, and practices that can help someone new to the path of self-love, manifesting, and magic making. This informative and delightful interview concludes with one of Gala’s favorite tips from her book, Radical Self-Love.