Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Making Space for the Soul

Facing the second half of her life, best-selling author Cheryl Richardsonmade the
conscious decision to create more space. And once she moved away from her earlier ego-driven life that involved setting goals and intentions to make things happen—instead making room for new experiences—she felt aliveness rush in. In this empowering interview, Cheryl shares the steps to create space in your own life, including decluttering, simplifying financial obligations, freeing up your calendar by not accepting every invitation, spending more time with people on a similar journey, and spending more time alone. By systematically dismantling the “Yes Woman” identity, and hanging out in the zone of in-between for a while, Cheryl could move into a more soul-directed life—and you can too. Pay attention to the energy that shows up in these voids and act on these moments of aliveness, for there lies the pathway to unexplored, unrealized parts inside all of us.