Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Evolution of the Law of Attraction

In a rare and very personal interview, Esther Hicks joins Hay House president and CEO
Reid Tracy to discuss Jerry’s transition to Non-Physical and the connection they continue to share, their more than 30 years of marriage, and the early years with Abraham. Esther also relates the personal practices and tools she has learned from Abraham and employs in her everyday life, and she gives advice that everyone can use in applying those simple but astounding processes. In the second half of the interview, Abraham speaks about the evolution of the Law of Attraction, the vortex and the grid, and creating your own reality through your vibration. This far-ranging conversation covers applying the Law of Attraction to creating financial success, what happens to Abraham when Esther transitions, and lessons from the Newtown killings. This emotionally powerful and informative interview with Esther and Abraham will help you rid yourself of blocks and find your natural resonance with Source.