Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Science of Healing

Whether it’s been his groundbreaking work in epigenetics revealing that our DNA is not our
destiny, or as an early adopter of the Emotional Freedom Technique known as tapping, scientist and award-winning author Dawson Church, Ph.D., has spent his career at the cutting-edge of healing and human development. In this illuminating interview, he traces the route by which practices once considered esoteric and feel-good like yoga and meditation have become medically validated by their impact on hormone levels, and notes a frustrating 17-year gap between innovation and broad application. He goes on to explain the science behind tapping and share fascinating case studies from his own work helping people address the emotional underpinnings of physical pain, which leads to a domino effect of self-improvement. He ends the hour with a guided tapping session to help you access the pharmacopeia within yourself. Tune in and start healing.