Monday, November 16, 2015

Blog Posts That "Sell"

  • The 11-step method for writing a blog post that "sells" (and the 3 types of calls-to-action you must include)
  • The C+S+Rt = ROI formula that scoops up extra leads and sales (even if they don’t convert directly from your blog post)
  • 5 types of offers you should be making from blog content (you’ll choose based on your business goals)
  • The “Peaks and Valleys” and “Deep Tease” tricks that drive readers deep into your content (and drives clicks on your calls-to-action)
  • 5 blog post types proven to convert readers into leads and sales (perfect for those with little or no time to write)
  • The 6 question formula that determines the topic for your blog posts (and sets it up to generate leads and sales)