Saturday, November 21, 2015

Casting Call: Reality TV Series, Seven Year Switch

Here are the details from the casting director:

  • The show is called Seven Year Switch and it is a genuinely and intelligently produced show that focuses on married couples who are dealing with troubles in their marriage and are looking to find a way to save their relationship.
  • Couples chosen will have the opportunity to participate in a social experiment with groundbreaking therapy, designed to ultimately save their marriage and gain a bit of perspective. The intention is to see these couple grow and rekindle whatever has been lost.
  • We are seeking couples in your area anywhere from 25-40ish years of age, without children, intelligent and thoughtful, who are open to considering this very unique opportunity.
  • There is excellent compensation if chosen (20k), plus the chance to receive some great therapy.
  • The couples will have to be available to shoot in either March/April and will have to take two weeks off work to fly out to Los Angeles and shoot.
  • All together there is about 5-6 weeks of shooting but aside from the two weeks in LA (all expenses paid), the shooting will take place in their homes after work.