Tuesday, November 17, 2015


That’s why I created Recovery 2.0… this healing is possible for you, too.
The process that I’ve been through can be shared, and I can assure you: there is simply nothing out there like this coaching program.
Over the past 25 years I have studied addiction and the many approaches to recovery. I have presented and taught around the world. In my opinion there are 3 things needed to help a person move beyond addiction:
1) Teachers. We need them. They elevate us beyond our current struggles.
2) Transformational process. We need a process to go through which changes the way we think and see the world. The process must contain specific elements that include the body, mind and spirit.
3) Community. We need to support as we go through our process of transformation. The Recovery 2.0 Group Coaching Program brings these elements together in a powerful, accessible way so that you can move to the next place your heart is asking you to get to.