Saturday, December 12, 2015


  • Build your confidence, expertise, and knowledge of doing Energy Scans and Channeled Prayer
  • Enjoy the most amazing energy vortex that allows you to live a more blissful and joyful life filled with miracles
  • Clear your deepest blocks and stand in your Infinite Power as a healer
  • Understand the structures and energies of how to build your healing business in the most aligned way for you
  • Gain invaluable support energetically in doing your healing work and trusting yourself as a healer
  • Enjoy an entire community of healers cheering you on and acknowledging who you truly are
  • Gain greater clarity on your mission as a healer and the clients you are meant to be serving around the world
  • Start building your 1-1 healing business with new paid clients from offering Energy Scanning and more!!