Saturday, December 12, 2015

Celebrating Yourself as a Healer

The first thing is that I want you to start to acknowledge the things that you do see that you
find are really incredible about you as a healer. What are those things? Those things could be that you’re a good listener, that you are very compassionate, that you are very loving, that you are kind.
It doesn’t have to be other types of things like, “I can connect with all the Archangels, and all these guides, and everything else and that be able to help you do these incredible healings.
It may include that. Maybe that’s part of it. That is incredible. That is awesome. It is rocking, so to speak. And we want to acknowledge those as well, but I don’t want you to pay attention to everything. I don’t want you to leave anything behind. I wan you to celebrate yourself fully as a a healer on every level.