Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HOW Design Live in Atlanta.

Nowhere else will you have this opportunity to learn from game-changing big brands like GoogleMattel and IBM.
How innovative?
Take Doug Powell, who is leading Austin-based IBM Design in building the largest corporate design organization in the world - hiring hundreds of new designers, building a network of studios, and developing design thinking tools and practices at a global scale. (By the way, he's also a past AIGA president and 25-year veteran of the design field.)
How game-changing?
How about Vanessa Dewey, Art Director for Mattel's Toy Box division. She'll share her team's strategies for pushing past conventional thinking and developing non-traditional design solutions. (Yep, even Mattel thinks inside the box sometimes.)
How big? 
You'll hear from Google Senior Interaction Designer Joel Beukelman about top-level thinking that's happening within the world's dominant search brand.
Even if you don't work in-house, or you don't specialize in branding, you'll value this direct-line access to innovative thinking that's reshaping the world of design.