Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How To Trust The Universe

In this inspiring speech, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals how, by asking the right
questions, we can tap into the universe to get the solutions to our problems, expand our creativity, and discover a greater vision of our lives.
Here’s What You’ll Learn:
1:34 — The first mistake people make when asking the universe a question.
2:33 — Understanding the hierarchy of questions.
3:46 — An enlightening example of how asking the right empowering question can create massive transformations.
6:11 — Michael’s fascinating idea of “work-play” and how it can help expand your spontaneity and creativity.
8:31 — A powerful question that will instantly shift your mindset from ‘lack’ to ‘abundance’.
9:08 — The single most important element to creating lasting positive change.
10:46 — A simple yet profound exercise to help you articulate your own vision of your life.
12:09 — An intimate story of how Michael was able shift the impossible to the possible.
16:14 — What can happen when you create a field of willingness and possibility together.
20:03 — The difference with task-oriented, goal-oriented and purposeful-oriented people.