Saturday, December 12, 2015

the 7-Week Weight Loss and Body Confidence Program

A 7-week total body transformation journey designed specifically to help you lose weight,
keep it off, and drastically improve your body confidence.
I want to invite you to allow me to be your coach and your guide along a journey similar to the one that I underwent when I felt fat, unattractive and lacking in confidence and turned everything around...only this one will be about YOU and reaching the ideal body and life that YOU want to create.
This journey and these 7 weeks are going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, even if you think you can’t possibly change, or that Tapping couldn’t work for you, or that you don’t think you have what it takes to succeed…you can still see life-changing results with this program.
I’m going to break down what I’ll be guiding you through in this unique process in just a minute, but before I do that I want to explain what this program is not.
This is NOT going to be a program where we talk about what to eat and how to exercise. As I said before, it’s not about that.
Most weight loss programs like to say things like “All you have to do is eat these certain foods in this certain order and everything will be ok”.” Or, “Do these couple of exercises in this particular way and it will work better than anything else.”
These are all empty promises that inevitably always fail because they don’t get to the root of what’s going on.