Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Practical Guide to Breaking Our Addiction to Technological Tools

Do you want get better at staying focused? Do you find yourself getting sucked into social
media and endless e-mails? Holland Haiis, business coach and author of Consciously Connecting, is an expert in breaking this cycle and helping people bring their gifts fully to the world through the power of connection. In this inspiring conversation, Holland explains how to gain control of your day—and your life. Start listening closely to yourself and comprehending how your journey can unfold. Learn simple and easy-to-employ actions to help you stay connected to your goals and your humanity while you swim in an ocean of new and seductive technologies. Holland gives a set of simple steps for the beginning of the day and few for the end of the day that will help you disconnect from all the distractions and reconnect to what you really want in your life.