Saturday, May 7, 2016

Harnessing the Power of Mind-Body Healing

David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., spent four years working as a scientist in the pharmaceutical
industry before leaving to study the mind-body connection. Having witnessed the incredible power of the placebo effect behind the scenes in the billion-dollar drug industry, David realized that we all have the inherent ability to heal ourselves by making adjustments to the way we think—and he dove into learning how. Now a best-selling author and speaker, David teaches people how to harness that power for themselves to heal the body through the mind. In this revealing interview, he shares his insights on cultivating an attitude of happiness, practicing gratitude, and understanding the amazing forces of faith, belief, and kindness—emphasizing that “a consistent practice of kindness . . . radically alters biology.” Sharing his own path to self-love in an emotional personal story, and ending with a powerful quantum-field healing meditation, David will open your mind and heart to deep love and healing.