Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Access the Angelic Realms for Enlightenment and Mastery

Are you ready for enlightenment? Do you want to master your life? And what does it mean
to be an enlightened master being? Diana Cooperexplains the steps that will enable you to gain a wider and more expansive perspective and live at a higher frequency than the level of ego. Obtaining mastery gives you the power to change your life through the process of taking responsibility for your thoughts, your actions, and yourself. To help in this journey, you can connect to your angels, dragons, and unicorns. Your dragons can help transmute and burn up negative energies and protect you; unicorns can work deeply with the desires of your soul. In this fascinating interview, Diana teaches you how to communicate with your dragons and unicorns, and guides you through the Halls of Learning to the 12 steps of enlightenment and mastery, led by World Teacher, Lord Kuthumi. She also shares some of her personal experiences on her journey to enlightenment and finishes with a restful meditation to help radiate healing love.