Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Artist’s Way: Creative Myths and Monsters

In this inspiring hour, Julia Cameron, one of the leading voices on creativity and the author of The Artist’s Way, discusses the many cultural myths we have formed around artistic creation. Julia suggests that a deeper spiritual connection can improve your creativity and, vice versa, a stronger relationship with creativity will grow your spiritual life. She believes that everyone is creative and advises anyone who wishes to expand their artistic life to develop three skills that she has used for over three decades. Julia has witnessed firsthand how these practices can unblock even the most stuck artist. The first tool, the foundation of the work, is Morning Pages, a daily ritual of writing three pages longhand—without stopping. Listen in for the other tools that will open for you a “gateway to greater synchronicity.” Spend some time with Julia today, start your morning pages tomorrow, and watch the magic unfold.