Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bust Through the Myths and Misconceptions of Aging

In this can’t-miss interview, New York Times best-selling author and internationally
recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine Dr. Frank Lipman opens your eyes to new ways of healing. He addresses the myths surrounding genetics and weight gain, explains how we can repair our bodies through the microbiome, and shares tips for starting a powerful cleanse to rid our bodies of addictive foods and chemicals. His personal shift to a new vision of medicine began when he encountered the South African traditional healers known as the sangoma 30 years ago. Dr. Lipman goes on to discuss the current landscape of health care and how overmedication often creates a vicious cycle of treating symptoms and side effects with more and more drugs. But through functional medicine, we can reconnect to our bodies and treat the underlying causes of age-related conditions in order to combat our most common complaints: feeling sick, tired, and fat! This empowering message is the subject of Dr. Lipman’s newest book, 10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat, and here he offers listeners a sample of the wealth of knowledge offered in its pages.