Thursday, May 12, 2016

Heal Your Past Lives for Your Best Life Today

Wondering why you really like anchovies? Or are particularly drawn to the culture of ancient
Egypt? Or why you have an intense, inexplicable fear of horses? The answers may lie in a past life. Author, speaker, and teacherDenise Linn explains that we’ve all been here before, and that the lives we’ve lived continue to have a major impact on who we are today. Denise shares popular misconceptions about past-life regressions, amazing stories of people who have healed through regressions, and how a regression revealed to Denise that anxiety she felt over receiving gifts was rooted in vows of poverty she had taken in lives before this one—a revelation that enabled her to create a whole new mind-set of abundance. Denise goes on to detail the importance of déjà vu and birthmarks when identifying one’s past life, and shares the benefits that can result from past-life regression: healing physical challenges, tapping into abilities from a past life, and shedding a fear of death. Denise believes the past is not set, and our future selves have wisdom to share. With the guided past-life regression Denise includes in this interview, you can begin your journey through the mists of time today.