Thursday, May 12, 2016

Creating a New Blueprint: The Art of Transformation

Tune in as speaker, meditation teacher, yoga instructor, and author Karen Henson
Jones tells the harrowing story of her brush with death and subsequent spiritual awakening. Following a sudden cardiac event, Karen was revived—but she would never be the same, physically or spiritually. She explores what transformation means, how to create a new life from scratch, the importance of small changes and consistency over time, and the key lesson she learned from going through five heart surgeries. She also recounts one lesson from each country—India, Bhutan, Italy, and Israel—she visited on her spiritual journey, and explains her belief in life after death and how this belief can affect and change our lives now. In addition, she leads listeners through three “imaginal-healing” exercises: (1) a visualization for clearing any toxins; (2) one for removing wounds from the heart; and (3) one for complete regeneration across the emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions.