Thursday, May 12, 2016

Creative Awakening and Conscious Writing

Author, intuitive mentor, and founder of the International Association of Conscious &
Creative Writers (IACCW) Julia McCutchen is passionate about opening the way for you to get to know your true self, discover your authentic voice, and express yourself consciously and creatively—on the page and in the world. In this fascinating interview, Julia shares her belief that creativity is our natural state of being, and offers listeners some of the most effective tools she has developed for connecting with this source within us and sharing our unique gifts with the world. Julia guides you through the seven core principles that she uses with her clients to help them connect to their true self so that their creative genius can flow. She then shares powerful practical exercises that you can use to nurture your creative soul and replenish your inner creative well, as well as a breathing technique and mudra sequence meditation that will bring you into the perfect space for conscious creation. With tips for making creativity a part of your life no matter how busy you are, this talk will help you to live the vibrant, creative life that is your birthright!