Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Experience the Boundless Tranquility of Your Own Mind

Join best-selling author and meditation coach David Michie in this fascinating discussion of
thoughts and the mind. In this interview, David starts with what inspired him to write the Dalai Lama’s Cat novels, and how he found a way to explore Buddhism and teach meditation practices through the eyes of a fictionalized feline character. He goes deeper into the concepts of mindfulness meditation, and how we can look at our thoughts like waves in a free-flowing ocean. He talks about his own journey, from utilizing these techniques for stress management to the deeper spiritual side of Buddhism. David talks about the benefits of a community in meditation practices, and describes his own at-home practice, as well as who his own teachers are. Listeners won’t want to miss his 10-minute guided meditation, and his tips for those who might get discouraged as they cultivate their practice.