Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cultured Food for the Soul: How the Gut, Body, and Mind Work Together

In this fascinating conversation, Donna Schwenk, author of Cultured Food for Health,
explains what cultured and probiotic foods are and how they help you feel good, lift depression, and heal disease. Donna shares how her family was affected by illness early on in her young daughter’s life, and how this propelled her to search for a solution. She found it in the millions of microbes that live in and on each of us. Donna gives quick tips for incorporating these healing foods into your lifestyle. Start with “the trilogy”: kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables. Choose one and add it to your diet slowly—no need to overhaul your kitchen in one day. Donna believes that moving gradually toward healthier foods is the best way to effect change—not only for yourself but also for your family and the world around you. Listen in for more about the wonders of cultured food!