Saturday, May 7, 2016

Whole-Pet Healing

After more than 20 years of practicing Western medicine, veterinarian Dennis
Thomas changed his philosophy and began to use alternative forms of health care, including traditional Chinese medicine, veterinary acupuncture, and energy medicine. In this heartfelt interview, the author of Whole-Pet Healing: A Heart-to-Heart Guide to Connecting with and Caring for Your Animal Companion discusses the deep energetic bond between animals and humans. “Pets offer us an ability to find what’s deeper inside of us, what’s true about ourselves,” Dennis says. He details the miraculous healing power of the animal-caregiver connection and tells a story about a Dachshund with a spinal cord injury who he successfully treated after conventional doctors had said the animal would never walk again. “We are using the energetic body to go beyond the limitations of the physical body,” he explains. Dennis also talks about how a caregiver’s health affects the health of their pet and how animals can be powerful healing agents for humans. Finally, Dennis shares his thoughts on end-of-life-care for pets and notes that animals are always teaching us how to love.