Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Great Expectations! The Law of Attraction In Action

The Law of Attraction in Action series presents the powerful teachings of Abraham, the Non-
Physical entity Abraham whom Esther calls infinite intelligence and Jerry refers to as the purest form of love he has ever encountered. In this video, you'll see Abraham answer questions on a variety of topics that will give you profound insight.
Topics addressed by Abraham during this workshop include: Can an actor delve into all the angry, dark emotions without attracting unwanted things into his real life? How do you stop attracting all that old father and son emotional baggage? What do you do when you have attracted your passion at work but you have been stopped cold and it is making you sick? How can you move through anger into joy if you feel more comfortable back in the feeling of depression? Are mantras just meaningless words? What about words used in prayer? How do the specific words we use affect what we attract? Drinking, drugs, and broken curfews. . . a few pointers from Infinite Intelligence about dealing with a difficult teenager. Abraham helps us get a handle on the nature of time, aging, and the universe expanding. A more detailed analysis of the Law of Attraction, and a discussion on how emotion and matter interact to attract. How do the teachings of Abraham line up with traditional Christianity. . . or with any religion, for that matter? And much, much more.