Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Say “F**k It” and Do What You Love

How much time do you spend doing something that makes your heart sing? Doing what we
love is actually likely to make us healthier, more successful, and wealthier in the long term. Yet too many of us have forgotten what our passions are, and we need to go through a conscious process of rediscovery to reconnect with them. What if we are not unhappy but still have a nagging feeling that there could be more to life? What steps can we take if we used to love what we do, but don’t anymore? Best-selling author John Parkin answers these questions and more, including how to get the balance right between taking action and trusting that things will work out. He explains why we should loosen up, worry less about what people think of us, and abandon the idea that life should be lived in a straight line, because wonderful things will happen when we open up to the many directions in which our passions could take us.