Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense

Heidi Sawyer, a natural intuitive-sensitive and author of Highly Intuitive People, is known for
her ability to reveal and work with the deepest parts of the psyche. She helps other intuitive-sensitives discover who they are and how to use their unique skills. According to Heidi, a person with intuitive-sensitive abilities has “an extra sensory skill above the normal senses . . . an insight too wise to come from just experience.” In this intriguing interview, Heidi discusses the characteristics of intuitive-sensitives and the challenges they face because of their special gift. She explains the concept of the “One Point”—a place where the energy of the soul and the personality unite to work together—and she shares her own story of finding the One Point during the difficult birth of her second child. Finally, Heidi guides us on a journey from desire for knowledge to healing our doubts in a process she calls “The Soul Mastery: Seven Steps to Illumination.”