Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to Work with the Mind, Heart, AND Soul for Healing

Combining elements of psychotherapy, energy healing, and shamanism,Abby
Wynne supports her clients to heal on every level: mind, heart, and soul. Here, she shares how we can all heal ourselves in this way, starting by bringing our awareness to the places we are investing our energy, and ultimately identifying how to pull that energy back to ourselves. Abby guides listeners to ask all parts of themselves for permission to heal, and to find the unique element of each part that allows it to reclaim energy. She explains that often we have unconscious fears about what will happen if we heal, and that it is important to look at these false beliefs in order to release them. Abby shares how we can work with anxiety or a lack of clarity about our purpose, as well as how we can let go of old, ingrained emotional pain. She encourages listeners to let go of the idea of becoming their “perfect” self, because when we do, we make room for our healed self. In a soothing guided meditation, Abby brings us on a powerful healing journey to release the old and begin the healing.