Thursday, May 12, 2016

Say Yes to Your Crazy Sexy Life

A diagnosis of a rare and incurable stage IV cancer on Valentine’s Day 2003 didn’t stop Kris
Carr. Rather, the devastating news sparked in her a personal wellness revolution, and now more than 13 years since the diagnosis, Kris teaches others how to “say yes to your one great precious brilliant life.” In this awe-inspiring interview, the wellness activist and best-selling author of the Crazy Sexy book series discusses her positive philosophies on life, including how to show up for your life, how to take better care of your body, how to stop people pleasing, and how to do an energy audit. She talks about why we should nourish our nervous system and why sometimes doing less is doing more. Kris shares a “Pep Talk Meditation” to help us get realigned with ourselves and reminds us to “be kinder to ourselves today than we were yesterday.” Oh, and don’t forget to drink your veggies!