Thursday, May 12, 2016

Simple Tips for Improved Nutrition and Unstoppable Energy

Julie Montagu, author of Eat Real Food, wants you to improve your nutrition by “going back
to the basics.” Julie believes that as long as you eat real, whole foods and are good to your body, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. She suggests taking small steps with one new change a day, such as adding a leafy green vegetable to a meal or doing a restorative yoga pose for two minutes before bed. One of her top tips is to focus on what she calls the “Flexi Five,” a flexible way to include the five main food groups in your diet. If you can incorporate just one item from each food group into your daily meals, you’re already on your way to better health. And rather than overhauling your diet in one day, simplify the process by adding in the good foods and habits while slowly pushing out the bad ones. Listen in and find out how simple steps can lead to a big boost!