Wednesday, February 24, 2016

absolutely everything must have its beginning in the mind

Two of the world's leading thinkers and achievers bring you the most powerful knowledge
and meaningful insights from the four classic books that helped them earn millions upon millions of dollars, and enjoy fulfillment in every area of their lives.
The Classics Event will expand your awareness and help bring the genius that is locked up inside of you to the surface.
Think and Grow Rich has been called the "Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature." Napoleon Hill spent the better part of a lifetime producing the "Law of Success" philosophy that is powerfully summarized in this book. Its principles will help you succeed, not in just getting rich, but in doing or becoming almost anything you want.
The Science of Getting Rich is the book that inspired the hit book and documentary, The Secret. Some would say it teaches the foundation and real meaning of personal growth as well as personal wealth. It shows you that success is not a secret—it’s a science, a lawful process.
You Were Born Rich was Bob's first international best seller. It shows you how to use the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve financial, emotional, physical and spiritual prosperity. The lessons in this book are the foundation for a wide range of Bob's teachings on breaking down paradigms and achieving success in all aspects of life.
Your Invisible Power is one of the best Law of Attraction books there is. It shows you the power of visualization along with helping you understand how it works. It is renowned for showing you that absolutely everything must have its beginning in the mind.