Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Money Goddess Makeover

  • “Athena Overwhelm” … your to-do lists are a million miles long, and you’re working too hard. You may be outwardly successful, but inside you’re exhausted! Your health may be suffering. And just to top things off, your romantic life is plagued by disappointment.
  • “Wounded Aphrodite Syndrome” … where you turn to compulsive eating (or purging), shopping, or sex, in an attempt to satisfy your unmet needs for love, pleasure, and admiration.
  • “Persephone Tailspin” … the “not good enough” disease. You feel helpless, hurt, and not worthy or powerful enough to have what you want in life.
  • “Hekate Meltdown” … after too many years of giving everything away, putting yourself last, and not getting your needs met, you’re ready to explode!